NOW – What needs to be done

NOW – What needs to be done 

A Leadership Journey starts with ‘Why’, followed by ‘How’ & finally reaches ‘What to do’. With the previous blogs, we aligned our Why & How but now it’s important to harmonize what needs to be done. 

A survey revealed that 97 percent of employees and executives believe a lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. 

Such a high percentage in the survey shows the importance & need for team alignment. It is imperative to say here that alignment within a team depends on a good Leader but for any leader, it is the contribution of his team towards his ‘Why’ which makes him/her a success. 

Has it ever happened to you when a normal discussion brought a deep realization within? Last evening was one such day for me when my siblings curiously enquired about my professional doings and how I am pursuing things that I have never been good at since childhood. While replying to them I realised that it wasn’t just me but the efforts of my core team which lead me here. But how my team works without limitation of time & energy was a big question in their heads. On introspecting over this, it hit me that it’s nothing but my discussion over the Why & How of my business with the “self-start category “ of people in my team. “Self-start category” includes the ones who don’t need guidelines to start, they take up things on their own. Clear communication with them always gives them clarity on the execution which stops them from procrastinating work. 

As a leader, your biggest power is that you can be focused on your ‘Why and How’ i.e. your Result, Purpose & Massive Action Plan of RPM technique discussed in the previous blog. 

Now the strategies drawn out using the RPM technique to achieve the results, needs to be implemented into daily life . This can be done in a simple way by drawing out:

  1. Top 5 of the Month out of the strategies derived
  2. Weekly Schedule detailing out the action plans, to achieve the top 5 of the month
  3. To-Do Task of the Day summarising the steps to be taken today, to follow the weekly schedule. 

This final breakdown of strategies amongst the team would lead to proper execution as they would have utmost clarity over ‘Now – What Needs To Be Done’.

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