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Did you know there is a specific department in the railways ensuring the parallelism of the tracks? Shocking right! Well the other day, I found this out in a conversation with my brother who is currently working in the track alignment & calibration department at the Railways. And here I was thinking the track always remains parallel to each other but never realized there is a back working to calibrate the same. Our ‘Why & How’ of business are just like these parallel tracks, which need alignment & calibration on a regular basis so that our businesses can run smoothly over these tracks. Our previous blog detailed out the ‘Why’ and now it’s time to throw some light on ‘How’.

A simple way to define ‘How’ is through the theory of RPM (Rapid Planning Method), introduced by my coach Tony Robbins, which ultimately stands for Result-oriented / Purpose-driven/ Massive Action Plan. This is a result-focused planning system that is derived by asking three questions in a specific sequence on a consistent basis.

What’s the specific Result expected?

What’s your reason or Purpose for doing it?

What do you need to do to achieve it or what’s your Massive Action Plan for it?

The first two questions will help you in defining your ‘Why’ and the last one will help you with your ‘How’.

This method can literally be applied in any area of life and trust me it would make things much sorted. Let’s understand it better through the below table and examples:

Column A: This can include any area where you want to apply RPM. It can be personal or business related.

Column B: It depicts absolute clarity, along with numbers, in the results that you seek. This will allow you to move with a focused approach as the brain now has a clear goal to achieve.

Column C: The Purpose here is the motivation to wake up each day and take a step ahead. It is not something temporary as it is related to your emotions and hence would absolutely give you the energy to do this everyday.

Column D: Massive Action Plan details the line by line things to be done. It makes you explore all the possibilities within your limit that can be executed.

Here, ‘How’ is nothing but the strategy to be adopted to achieve the results you want. Once you define that, then it will be absolutely clear what step you need to take right now to move ahead and How – The Show Must Go On.

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