Team Alignment

Team Alignment 

A Leader’s biggest achievement lies in building the perfect team with a perfect culture within an organization. A good culture attracts the right kind of people and the people in turn reinforce or evolve this culture. When the right people with good culture are in sync with you, then it’s like playing beautiful jazz together.

What’s crucial here is the alignment of your team with your ‘Why’, ‘How’ & ‘What’. Do you remember watching the movie “Mission Mangal”? Well there was a time when the team was highly demotivated and each member felt the job was impossible to get done. But in that moment their leader, Vidhya Balan, reminded them of their dream of becoming a scientist and the ‘Why’ behind it. She further explained ‘Why’ this Mission Mangal was so important not only for India but for each team member and beautifully aligned the ‘How’ & ‘What’ with the team. This acted as a proper fuel for the team and they simply outperformed their jobs because now it was not just the organisation’s mission but rather became their personal mission as well. The team was highly connected and in sync with the leaders so together they produced a world class piece of art which became a world history.

Here to align the team, we fail to understand a simple but important concept about people: that they are wired differently. This has been beautifully detailed out by the famous author Ray Dalio in his book ‘Principles’. Having a different set of people in your team is one of the biggest advantages as each person thinks distinctly. These people give an altogether new angle to things within an organization as they would understand the situations in their own unique way and their perspective could act as a complete game changer for you. Giving you an example, there was an instance where I took up a project thinking it would be beneficial from the point of revenue generation. But then my team made me think over the element of time that goes into the execution of the same which would ultimately turn out to be the non feasibility of the project. This angle of my team gave me a new direction towards decision making and led to an increment in the productivity of my team.

Has it ever happened to you when a normal discussion brought a deep realization within? Last evening was one such day for me when my siblings curiously enquired about my professional doings and how I am pursuing things that I have never been good at since childhood. While replying to them I realised that it wasn’t just me but the efforts of my core team which lead me here. But how my team works without limitation of time & energy was a big question in their heads. On introspecting over this, it hit me that it’s nothing but my discussion over the Why & How of my business with the “self-start category “ of people in my team. “Self-start category” includes the ones who don’t need guidelines to start, they take up things on their own. Clear communication with them always gives them clarity on the execution which stops them from procrastinating work. 

Yes, it is very much practically possible to have such a team with the right people with the right culture to build a world class company. It is the synergy amongst the leaders and the team which leads to Team Alignment and then right there is the path to unstoppable Success. 

In order to align the team what we need to understand is that People are wired differently. A team should be such which has the right people with the right culture to build a world class company. It is the synergy amongst the leaders and the team which leads to Team Alignment.

To understand more about your team & how to align it with your ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’, read our next blog on “Team Alignment”.

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