Increasing profitability for a trading business



Business Line:



Imbalance in the level of fast-moving & slow-moving Inventory 
Working Capital Stuck in Inventory
Delay in Collection/Recovery

Areas of Work:


Working Capital Management

Customer Relationship Management


Streamlined accounting to match the inventory reports with books of accounts

Implemented tool for proper inventory calculations

Defined re-order levels by creating an automated mechanism for it

Identified repetitive tasks and created a tool for the assistant to save time and cost of the Purchase Manager

Working Capital Management:

Implemented an Inventory Management System classifying into four categories: A (High moving), B (Slow moving), C (Customised), D (Dead)

Created an inventory reordering decision matrix: A (Automatic), B (cross-check before ordering), C (on customer order only), D (never)

Customer Relationship Management:

Created SOPs and a CRM tool

Tracked, responded and resolved all customer queries, leading to timely collection of payments

The system took over the sales manager’s tasks, making the process system-driven, not people-driven


No stuck up physical inventory; reducing working capital stagnation, holding costs and interest burden

Greater customer satisfaction

Timely collection of payments

Increase in sales and profitability


“Ravi’s method & ideas are worth implementing to streamline your company’s operations and fuel its growth. We implemented his task management portal, which not only helped to increase efficiency but also boosted morale and awareness in employees. I sincerely hope that he keeps spreading his ideas in such simplicity and vigour.”

Ashutosh Goyal

Entrepreneurial Director, Ananta Hotels & Resort
Radisson Jaipur City Centre
Founder at Lavender: Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

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