Bringing a financial services firm back on track


Financial Service

Business Line:

Chartered Accountants


Slow growth of organisation
Lack of proper direction for work completion organisation
Uncertainty of tasks to be assigned
No proper follow up mechanism to complete tasks in time
Diversity in tasks assigned to a single person

Areas of Work:

Vision and Strategy

Human Resources

Operations Technology

Sales Strategy

Vision Statement:

Identified organisation’s vision, mission and goal through the Growth Progress & Success matrix

Aligned Team goals with that of the organisation

KRA Identification and Team Motivation:

Identified roles and responsibilities of each team member to bring clarity and identify right person for the right job by drawing up an organisation chart

Implemented Team motivation strategies and improved communication between management and employees to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility

Task Management System:

Dashboards with each employee with priority of tasks assigned

Comprehensive MIS with the managers, also acting as a measuring tool for performance of employees

Instant tool to assign tasks

Follow up capability from third person (different from assignor and assignee) for accountability

Reminder on new assignment of tasks, due dates

Continuous review to ensure regular working of this system

Sales Strategy:

Creation of a sales strategy by creating sales funnels

Tools for implementation of this strategy

Tools for capturing reference list and pursuing the referral leads


Vision & Business goal alignment, creation of business plan

Team alignment with goals of organisation and better team motivation leading to improvement in efficiency ultimately leading to better client relationships

Team now contributed towards better sales & qualitative delivery


“Ravi’s method & ideas are worth implementing to streamline your company’s operations and fuel its growth. We implemented his task management portal, which not only helped to increase efficiency but also boosted morale and awareness in employees. I sincerely hope that he keeps spreading his ideas in such simplicity and vigour.”

Ashutosh Goyal

Entrepreneurial Director, Ananta Hotels & Resort
Radisson Jaipur City Centre
Founder at Lavender: Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

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