Increasing Productivity and Profitability for a Agriproducts Manufacturer



Business Line:



Inefficient production process draining cash
Inventory mismanagement of packing material and its wastage
No clarity in Cash Profit and Book Profit

Areas of Work:

Production Planning

Theory of Constraints

Finance & MIS

Streamlined Production Process

Implemented a step-wise, simple SOP that can be followed even by unskilled labour

Provided mechanism for daily data collection

Specified inventory requirement for raw materials and defined trigger points to place orders

Implemented proper process of PO generation and GRN

Improvised process for Debit/Credit Notes

Established three-level check on packing material as it is the most crucial aspect for companies dealing in branded FMCG products

Theory of Constraints:

Identified constraints/ bottlenecks that created hurdled and complications in the entire process

Acted on mitigating these constraints using current resources

Further actions to break the constraints

Implementation strategies made directing towards achievement of ultimate goals

Financial MIS:

Created a tool for financial summary using Tally; providing cash profit and book profit separately

Reports on month-to-month bifurcation of direct and indirect expenses

Calculation of exact production cost (cost sheet) and to inefficient areas immediately


Identification of actual cost of production of products

Inventory management and Real time inventory

Proper production planning and actual production through it


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Master Insiders. Their ways are very innovative and have helped me a lot in streamlining my business processes; which has reduced the multiplicity of my tasks and enabled me to focus only on the important ones. They have also helped in finding (and eliminating) the bottleneck in my production cycle which has increased my productivity and profitability.”

Ashutosh Goyal

Entrepreneurial Director, Ananta Hotels & Resort
Radisson Jaipur City Centre
Founder at Lavender: Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

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