WHY – The Show Must Go On

Blessed with this beautiful life, sooner or later we all question ourselves “Why do we exist ?” or “What is our purpose in this life ?”. We seek these answers to bring clarity to our existence and find the purpose which would become the reason for our existence. In our lives, this journey takes us on the path of spirituality. I also began my spiritual journey at a pretty early age when I was in 11th standard. Of Course, it starts with a religious one first so mine started with Lord Krishna. This deity figure has always been a purpose-driven one, teaching lessons and always making people understand their real purpose. His words touched my soul and introduced me to my purpose & passion in life.

The Soul of any business is based on this single question “Why”. Questioning anything with “Why” depicts the curiosity to know the reasoning behind that thing which ultimately brings clarity. Often we feel in business, that we are not able to put the level of energy that we are capable of. I realized that is mostly due to a lack of clarity. Knowing the “WHY” of business brings better clarity leading to a focused approach and we are back with that energy.  As,  wherever the focus goes, the energy flows.

It’s not just business owners who lose out on the energy, sometimes our team also loses the energy to work. Then, we find ways to motivate them without knowing the root cause behind it. Well what is truly needed here is to have a common belief system that leads to stronger connections. If there is a synergy amongst both of your purposes then there is nothing that can limit you in reaching heights. As rightly addressed by Tony Robbins, as human being we are not having a lack of resources but we are suffering from a lack of resourcefulness. Having  shared purpose with the team would make them resourceful and bring the next level of energy for a smooth workflow thus removing the obstacle of failure.

You must be thinking every person has his/ her own purpose so how could this be aligned with that of the organization? Well, it’s quite simple, just remind them of the day when they joined you, why they wanted to work with you, or sit with your team and identify their purpose in life. This will simply allow you to align their purpose with that of the organization.

Knowing the “Why” of your business could act as a complete game-changer. It not only inspires you in your low times but also allows you to onboard a perpetual journey, not alone, but with your team. Matching with the team’s Why, it’s time to move together in the same direction. With this multiplicity of energy, there is no stopping from running your show to the next level.

Concluding the answer as to “Why The Show Must Go On”, it is because you would be following the ultimate purpose which is more than you as now it involves your team and eventually is a contribution to the society. Working for this purpose would turn out the pains into pleasure and take you on an infinite journey of giving back to society and this would give you the ultimate emotional fulfillment and joyfulness in your life.

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