Team Alignment: Work From Café

As shocking as it may sound, “Work from Café” has become one of the most common practices. Although the surprise element still remains as to how someone can work in such a noisy environment with music, chit chat & movement of people? It has been a myth that ‘Working’ requires focus & concentration which can only be achieved through a fixed workplace environment at the office. The fact is ‘Working’ now requires creative focus & productive concentration which can be stimulated through the change in environment.

Did you know that generally the human mind is distracted with two types of distractions i.e. internal and external? Our 90% of the mind is distracted by internal distractions which include emotionalized changes/ shifts and 10% by external factors i.e. technology. Simply by focussing on 90% of internal distractions by keeping the emotional aspect under check, it would be an easy task to control the external distractions. This is exactly what a cafe does. When you enter a cafe, the fragrance of coffee, the essence of baked food, and a cherry on the cake i.e music energizes you or rather charges you up for the day. And this energy helps you to focus on the work which will definitely give a positive output.

Talking about the trend, you must have noticed that most startups have adopted this ‘Work from Cafe’ culture. Well, these are the people who feel the need to have an open mind, flow new thoughts,  and be super creative with that. And their need is fulfilled by the environment of these cafes. 

It’s not just startups who have these needs anymore but rather the traditional businesses and their modern team are in high need of this culture. Cafe acts as a bonding place for your team where they would feel more open in terms of talking about their ideas and end up being more productive due to the increased level of concentration. And that’s how world-class ideas are created and executed.

So a Cafe of your choice, Coffee of your taste, and Work of your interest #CCW is the perfect combination. Hence The mixture of noise, casual crowds, and visual variety can give us just the right amount of distraction to help us be our sharpest and most creative minds.

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