Team Alignment: Fostering the Synergy

It is said that “Great things in Business are never achieved by one person but rather by a whole team of people.” This is possible only with the synergy amongst the team and the leader and to achieve this, alignment is the first step, as seen in our previous blog. Let’s dig a little deeper and understand what ‘Team Alignment’ actually means in practice. 

An aligned team is a team who aspires to achieve the same vision, understands the goals, and is made up of individuals who understand how to contribute their strengths. When People are aligned to do What really needs to be done, then things can get done a whole lot easier. 

But How can the team be aligned? Well here are few steps fostering the Team Alignment:

  • Setting up regular meetings rhythms
  • Understanding the needs of all team members
  • Designating the right people to the job profile as per their skills
  • Following Transparency and smooth communication as principles 
  • Individually providing Guidance as & when needed

Just like we face obstacles in any journey, here in this journey of developing team synergy, there might be instances wherein you face problems or have doubts regarding the right direction. All you need to do is simply check whether your actions are aligned with your purpose and the team is aligned with your goals. Once you head this alignment in the right direction, your team will become the biggest asset of your organisation. 

We all have guests visiting our place over a meal. All the family members contribute to the preparation of dishes, either through cooking or getting things from the market or serving. They all are headed by the chef of the house and co-ordinate with each other to ultimately reach the level of serving the food. But imagine if there is no clarity over which task is to be performed by which member then it would lead to a complete chaos and this lack of communication would ultimately lead to duplication of work, & wastage of resources. Similarly, in the case of an organisation, if the team is present but proper alignment amongst them is absent, then it would be a failure in achieving the ultimate goal. On the other hand, the combination of their synergies could result in the production of their best work.

Team Alignment: Fostering the Synergy, might be a task that can take patience and a tremendous amount of time. However, once you incorporate it into your workplace, you will taste success with a more synchronized workforce that especially heeds on the goals and  objectives.

Hence, “Building A visionary Company requires  1% Vision & 99% Alignment”.

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