The Art of Planification

Did you know? Potted plants become weak after a while. Despite its regular intercultural operations they are required to be removed from the pot. This process is known as depotting and is very essential to increase the proper growth of the plant.

“Plan” is just like a plant to which we need to water religiously and depotter at regular intervals. You must have noticed plans stop benefiting us after a while. That’s simply because they need depotting too. We need to revisit the plan and tweak it at constant intervals.

A game well planned is half won. Thus, to achieve any desired results, the first step is to make a plan. It is imperative that we plant the roots in a simple, easily understandable manner. It just needs a pen and a paper or more simply, just a google calendar. I remember once I was at a tea stall with my friends, obviously, before the Covid times and our discussion birthed a new business idea. We immediately took out paper and pen and started jotting down our why, vision, mission, and the steps to begin with, making a rough plan. The result: a Chai pe Charcha discussion gave us the simplest and finest plan. Of course, we depotted our plan a million times and we still do as it is a never-ending process but the only advantage of the foremost plan is that it forms the base of every change the business requires. It defines our purpose of doing that business along with the passion that flows in our blood.

Believe it or not, making changes in business plans while keeping the core values intact, is the need of the hour. Remembering the core values and ultimate “why” for starting up your business would energize and revive the excitement for picking up things; kickstarting the whole system. It’s time for you to take out the old business plans, revisit your vision and mission and align them as per your current situation.

Thinking you’ve never made one before? Better late than never, let’s do it now. Without it, you’re missing out on the core foundation of your business. You will only realize once you will do it. So, take out your pen and paper, and let’s get started.

Now the next question arises: how can this business plan help you in tough times? The answer is simple: it would direct you towards the right way as the regular visits to this plan would make it more clear and workable. So, it’s not just the tough times that need a visit to this plan but in the long run, constant visits would ease you out from the most frequent state of mind by answering where you’re headed and bring clarity.

For better clarity, let’s discuss some do’s and don’ts.

1. Make it simple and easy to understand
2. Define the ‘why’ for existence, along with vision and mission.
3. Stating your passion & purpose would always attract you back to your business and bring about that energy to continue.
4. Keep visiting this plan for depotting to improvise it as per the situation.

Let’s break a myth here: changing a business plan does not mean changing your business goals. A business plan is just a way to reach your destination, not the ultimate goal.

So all you need to do is to sit back, have a cup of coffee, and give a thought to your vision, mission, and passion. Frame out a business plan that guides you to manage the existing resources better. Let’s learn the art of Planification.

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