The Show Must Go On

Last night when I was watching a very famous movie “BORDER”, there was a scene where a postman delivered the long-awaited letter to the soldier. While reading the letter, the soldier started smiling. Seeing this, his curious friend enquired as to what is so funny in this high-stress wartime. With a witty smile soldier started reading the letter aloud from his wife, “aapke bete ki taang me fracture hain ..baki sab theek hai..apke papaji bimaar hai..baki sab theek hai..apki beti ke school ki fees jama karane ke liye paise nahi hai..baki sab theek hai..apki pyari gaaye ko bachda hua hai magar woh doddh nahi de rahi hai..bas baki sab theek hai ..bas baki sab theek hai..”

Don’t you think we are in the same shoes right now where there is negativity all around us lekin baki sab theek hai? When we talk to our close ones, we realize their current critical situations but yet they move ahead with the attitude of “rest all is good”.

The second wave of the Coronavirus brings high tides full of negativity. The only positive news we hear is the test results of our near and dear ones which somewhere deeply affects us. This news collapses us physically and mentally. Our faith flounders, disturbing the spiritual sense within. But isn’t that all that you deal with in different phases of life? The big difference here is it’s all happening at once, it’s all happening now and it’s all to be dealt with alone. No doubt this is a difficult phase for us. But definitely not the time to give up. So gather up all the strength and power each day by simply breathing in and out and removing the dullness out of our lives.

Yes, it is more dangerous. Yes, it is more fearful and yes, it feels more despair. Strong resilience is the only solution. We must tap into the strengths and support systems to overcome challenges and work through these difficult times. It is pretty okay to experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering. It is all about quickly bouncing back from such feelings and getting back to the new normal.

With the second peak of the virus, it is also the time to throw some light over your business. You must improvise your Business Plan from Running to Continuity. Just as you take precautions before the virus enters and recover strongly post the virus leaves, it is imperative to create a system of prevention & recovery to deal with potential threats to your business. Although the recurring lockdowns have made it very tough to do so, the key would be to concentrate on the long-term solutions viable to sustain the effects of such lockdowns.

No matter what the situation may be, you and your business must continue to function. At this time, you simply can’t afford to halt/ stop moving. Therefore, it would be correctly portrayed for any business when I say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

On this note, in discussion with my business owner friends and clients about the challenges faced by them in their business and how to mitigate them, I simply start by advising it’s about the Business Continuity and here The Show Must Go On.

Hearing people troubled by these scenarios faced by all entrepreneurs, my future course of action would be to assist them as to how the show must go on!

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